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American Nuclear Society Names New Fellows

Fellows Honored During ANS Winter Meeting

Tracy Marc|

The American Nuclear Society (ANS) welcomed seven of its members to be honored as Fellows for their outstanding accomplishments in nuclear science and technology.  Fellow is the highest member status presented by the society.

 “These highly accomplished professionals have contributed significantly to nuclear science and engineering,” noted Tom Sutton, chair of the ANS Honors and Awards Committee. “This is a prestigious achievement that highlights the innovation each of these individuals has demonstrated in their careers,” he added.

Dr. Brian N. Aviles of the Knolls Atomic Power Laboratory was honored for his significant contributions in the development, application, and qualification of advanced spatial kinetics methods and multiphysics methods to the solution of nuclear engineering problems and the advancement of large-scale Monte Carlo analyses of nuclear reactors. He is a senior advisory engineer, a prestigious position held by only four percent of technical staff at the Naval Nuclear Laboratories.  He is also an expert in reactor physics, specializing in solution techniques for large-scale problems.

Dr. Guillermo Daniel Del Cul was recognized for his accomplishments in actinide and fission product separations, uranium processing chemistry, and advanced fuel cycle development. Dr. Del Cul developed new concepts to improve the nuclear fuel cycle and advanced separations and waste treatment technologies. His innovations have been applied to many nuclear programs nationally and internationally.

Prof. Ronald M. Gilgenbach is a professor in the Department of Nuclear Engineering and Radiological Sciences at the University of Michigan. He was honored for his pioneering research on the science and technology of fusion devices and accelerators, including the first electron cyclotron heating and pre-ionization of tokamak plasma in the U.S., innovative high power mm-wave/microwave source development, high-energy density z-pinch plasma generators, and plasma and electron beam instability characterization and mitigation.

Donald R. Hoffman, president and chief executive officer of Excel Services Corporation, was recognized for his extensive scientific and pioneering technical leadership contributions in industry-wide programs that have been adopted by countries around the world. These include the development and implementation of regulatory initiatives that have enhanced the safety, performance, and productivity of the U.S. and global nuclear fleets through various power uprates that have amounted to more than 11,000 MW of new electricity production that might have gone to waste.

Dr. Seungjin Kim is a professor in the School of Nuclear Engineering at Purdue University. He has made contributions toward advancing reactor thermal-hydraulic analysis methods by developing dynamic two-phase flow models, developing advanced instrumentation that expanded the capability of two-phase flow experiments, and educating nuclear engineers in academics.

Dr. Stephen P. Schultz was recognized for his technical leadership in the utility industry and regulatory agencies with the development, licensing, and application of new analysis methods and regulatory approaches to assure nuclear reactor safety while improving system and fuel performance.  His expertise has been shared broadly within numerous domestic and international programs.

Dr. Brian D. Wirth is a highly respected researcher, educator, and mentor through his work at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville. It is Dr. Wirth’s seminal contributions to the fundamental understanding of radiation damage in nuclear reactor materials that have provided the scientific basis for improved predictions of reactor performance and development of more damage tolerant materials for advanced fission and fusion power systems.

The seven new ANS Fellows were formally recognized at the ANS Winter Meeting in Washington, D.C. on October 30, 2017. A complete list of all ANS Fellows can be found on the ANS website at

The newest ANS Fellows received their award at the ANS Winter Meeting on October 30, 2017.
Pictured from left to right: Donald R. Hoffman, Dr. Guillermo Daniel Del Cul, ANS President Bob Coward, Prof. Ronald M. Gilgenbach, Dr. Seungjin Kim, Dr. Stephen P. Schultz, Dr. Brian D. Wirth, Dr. Brian N. Aviles and ANS Honors and Award Chair Tom Sutton.

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